The sushi of Japanese culture to people of foreign Kanazawa well-established store sushi Mitsu River introduction

Introduction of the famous Sushi restaurant you want to eat even foreigners who came to Kanazawa in the tourism


Kanazawa famous sushi Mitsu River


Restaurant name  Sushi Mitsu River (Sushimitsukawa)

Cuisines        Sushi

Opening Hours   12:00 ~ 2: 00 PM/5: 30 PM 10: 00PM

Address        Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture 1-16-2 Higashiyama

Phone number   076-253-5005

Regular holiday    Wednesday

Seat           8 counter seats

Available card     None

Access          24 minutes walk from the Hokuriku Railroad Hokuriku Railroad Asanogawasen Hokutetsu Kanazawa Station,26-minute walk from JR Kanazawa Station Hokuriku,26 minutes walk from the Hokuriku Railroad Hokuriku Railroad Station Asanogawasen Nanatsuya



Vinegared rice rolled in dried laver






Gizzard shad





Are expressed in grip of Kanazawa, spirit of sushi

Kanazawa attractions Higashichaya Street

Well-established store sushi “Mitsu River”

Shopkeeper, Mr. Koji Hikari-gawa speaks quietly

In addition to the Ginza sushi “Kyubey”, light River Mr. sushi chef who has gained brainstorming in Europe and Osaka

Story that take advantage of such hilgendorf saucord, the interest of Kanazawa in Japan available

Shari grip is finished with exquisite Anbai

Sense of unity with the story that has been subjected to carefully work is stunning

Sushi consistently consistently beautiful and really neat

Sushi of varying story in stocking the season and once-in-a-lifetime chance again


Kanazawa sushi well-established store Mitsu River customer impressions

The good feeling your polite and do not rely on only material

Delicious sushi most in Japan

Kanazawa from Tokyo until I have come to eat this sushi. Highest


It was introduced in the blog Good luck for foreign tourism Japanese living in Kanazawa. Sushi is delicious. Please eat When you come to Japan


The Japanese culture I want to eat sushi also introduce foreign delicious Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture